Here are the results from the Valens survey! Over two weeks there were 152 enthusiastic members who responded to the questions; the results can give you a glimpse into the members and community at Valens.

So, what does the average CrossFitter at Valens look like? They have been doing CF between 2-4 years, training 3 times a week, they mostly do classes with the occasional open gym session, they sometimes do RX standards and their favourite workout is a long and gruelling chipper.

Overall Attendance

Majority of the members at Valens have been training at the box between 1-4 years and attend 3-4 times a week. Only 3.9% of the members said they do more than one session in a day. Majority of our members participate only in classes and may do the occasional open gym session.

Working Out

Only 17.8% of members consistently do RX standards in workouts; majority ‘never’ or ‘occasionally’ do. The category of workout that members enjoy was almost perfectly spread out between AMRAPS, Rounds, Chippers and EMOM’s. Although long and gruelling workouts had a slight edge on short and intense.

Most members have stated that their favourite exercise is either Squats, Snatch or Cleans and their least favourite is Thrusters, Overhead Squats and Burpees (surprise surprise). Of the movements which have been the most difficult to master are Double Unders, Pull Ups and Snatch (there seems to be a love hate relationship with Snatch). Almost half (46%) of members have said they have had steady progress since they started at the box.


Only 9% of our members are on a strict diet, mostly paleo. However, 60% of members have a cheat day, and most of them are eating pizza! Two-thirds of our members drink protein shakes.

Outside of the Box

A number of members participate in activities outside of the box, mostly running and swimming (funny how when we have ‘running’ WOD’s class attendance drops significantly ;). 79% of members said they did stretching and a number of members do accessory work.

Goal Setters 

Almost half of our members are setting annual goals in CrossFit and recording their workouts (51%) and personal bests (51%). I wonder if this is why so many of our members are reporting that they have had steady progress since starting at Valens!?


A number of members in our box have suffered from an injury due to CrossFit, however reported that with rest and physiotherapy the injury improved. Most of the members (55%) said that the injury was due to bad form or training too hard with inadequate rest.

There is a lot more that can be read into these graphs, and of course we have to keep in mind it is only a small representation of Valens. 

Where do YOU 'fit' into the Valens community. Have you, at times, lost focus on why you do CrossFit in the first place? Do you get annoyed or frustrated because you can't get that 100kg clean or can't link your pull ups; have you forgotten how far you have come since you started and what positive progress you have made to your health? Use these results as a way to see where you 'fit' into the community, are you the average CrossFitter at the box, can you be motivated by how far other people have come, can you be proud of how much you have achieved?

Most people had fun doing the survey, I apologise to the 8 people who didn't ;p

Thank you to those who participated in the survey and for reading the blog.

Tianna Monea

'Your Average CrossFitter'